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We are here to be the bridge between complacency and self-actualization. Our services are paramount in helping to make that connection.


Anxiety is stress, fear, control, and a feeling of tension, elevated heart rate, and racing thoughts wrapped in one. It is also incredibly treatable. Whether you suffer from panic attacks, stress, chronic tension, OCD, phobias, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, agoraphobia, or chronic butterflies, pressure can be crippling and pervasively affect your life experience and quality of life. Resolving one’s anxious feelings not only brings peace and clarity but frees up wasted energy that can then be put toward creating the life you want. Our therapists help people reduce their anxious feelings using powerful tools, such as mindfulness, breathing, relaxation techniques, and emotional processing, to understand and heal the root of the anxious feelings–why they were there in the first place.


Losing interest, sleeping often, isolating yourself, frequent crying, and severe sadness are all symptoms of depression, among others. Whether you have lost interest in things you used to enjoy, want to sleep all the time or at least stay wrapped up in bed, or see yourself isolating from your essential relationships and withdrawing from life, depression is a miserable experience that can leave you lifeless and even wanting to die. The good news is that most people with depression, even severe depression, can get better with treatment.

Stress Management

Our coping mechanisms and stress management skills help us handle all we carry logistically and emotionally. While some stress is a part of life, as we all have times when too much hit us at once, we don’t want to LIVE in tension. Chronic stress affects our health–blood pressure, immune system, life expectancy–and life satisfaction and contentment. It takes developing a new perspective to allow us to have inner calm in the storm while accomplishing just as much. And sometimes, we need help envisioning a more significant life change because our stressful lifestyle or job is not fulfilling, yet we feel trapped. We’d be glad to help you on your journey to freedom from chronic stress.

Couples Counseling

Relationships require a high degree of communication and understanding to reach a common goal. Maybe one of you feels betrayed by the other, and trust needs to be rebuilt. Or perhaps you or your partner just got bored or disappointed over time and want more out of your relationship. Differences or lack of effective connection and communication can build resentment, fighting, and hostility as a couple evolves. Perhaps your relationship is going great, but you want to utilize the latest understanding of how to improve it. Whatever your situation, we can help.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress may sometimes go untreated due to our will to cope. While PTSD can be triggered by incredibly frightening events such as relational abuse or a near-death experience, it can also result from more chronic forms of stress, such as emotional neglect, shame, bullying, etc. Specific patterns of how we were treated in our families growing up were so repetitive that they dramatically impacted our nervous systems and experience of life. These more underlying forms of trauma are just as essential to address as acute PTSD, and our therapists are high-skilled at identifying these issues and helping you work through them.

Grief & Loss

Grief and loss are fundamental parts of life and may cause extreme sadness or anger. Everyone grieves differently, and making space for your natural expertise is essential–letting the body do what it naturally wants to do with the pain without getting in the way. The problem is that most of us do try to block our sadness or distract from the feeling of loss, whether it is an acute loss of a loved one through death or illness or the losses we accumulate throughout life but sometimes never seem to get over–such an not having had parents who could care for us well.
One crucial aspect of loss is that one loss triggers them all. It is as though the loss is all stored in one psychological bucket, so if you tap into that place, you are grieving every loss that has happened to you and still needs to be processed. The advantage of this is that you have an opportunity to more deeply heal things you had partially moved past but are still underlying.


Being a parent can be stressful. Managing this stress can be a significant opportunity for growth. Out of love for our children and the desire to give them our best, we are inspired to work on ourselves and look at our issues and hidden suffering to avoid passing those pains through the generations. Parenting brings up the places within us that need our attention and care by challenging us in ways nothing else can.

In addition to looking at the issues that affect parenting, sometimes we need advice and insight into how to handle the complex and critical situations that arise with our children. Whether you want to help your children develop a loving sibling relationship with each other, or you have the pain and confusion of a school-age or teenage child who is floundering or a dynamic in the family that is creating chaos or hurt, we would be glad to guide you through these sometimes overwhelming parenting moments and help you make the home life you want.


Below you will find what insurances we except and the charges for services.


Anthem, BCBS of Massachusetts, Peachstate, Ambetter, Amerigroup, Anthem EAP, Cigna EAP, UHC EAP, Magellan EAP

Each insurance will pay a different rate for mental health services. Please speak with your insurance provider directly to learn more about your health benefits.

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Private Pay Rates (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)


$90-$120 per session

Sliding Scale: Based on income, may receive a reduced rate per session.

Masters Level Therapist

$75 per session

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Utilizing a diverse myriad of approaches and modalities, Develop-Mental Support Services mission is to develop, cultivate, and guide growth in individuals and families collectively as our techniques summon the tools for a new perspective and the understanding that the process of change in each individual will demand a unique approach to help them arrive at truth and transparency for self.

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